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Payday Loans by Phone 24/7: Now Your Mobile Phone Is a Cash Machine!

Unexpected cash shortage right when your expenditure has already gone beyond budget is not a time to visit a store to apply for a cash advance. Therefore, we have made it extremely easy to apply for a cash loan and brought everything to your cellphone's call button. Now avail payday loans by phone 24/7! For these easy loans over the phone, you just need to call our number, and our representative will take your details to process the application. It hardly takes one hour to get easy cash on phone after the call! Otherwise, you can apply online through our simple application process, and we will call you back to discuss the terms, and ask for the amount you need.

With Payday Loans over the Phone, Easy Cash Is Just a Call Away

Payday Loans Over The Phone

You might be still wondering, how just a call can get your loan approved! Yes, at 12MonthsBadCreditLoans, loan by phone is a highly prioritized financial service. We have been in the lending business for years, and we realize that when you need fast cash, you do not have time to go through paperwork or wait in the line. Neither will the financial emergency wait until you get your salary. As a direct payday lender, these phone loans are another of our attempts to serve the hardworking people when they are in financial trouble. Find our number, call at any time you need us, and we will have your personal loan over the phone instantly approved. You still have the freedom to apply online.

Now Get a Loan by Phone with No Credit Check

If you are a regular customer of 12MonthsBadCreditLoans, you must be knowing that we do not conduct any credit check while approving online payday loans. The same principle is followed for all our customized personal loans, including when you apply for a loan by phone. Most of our regular customers are people like you; with frequent financial emergencies- and without big savings. Therefore, their credit scores are often not excellent. From many other payday lenders when they fail to avail quick cash loans, they turn to us. We value our customers a lot and, it gives us a lot of satisfaction to be a trusted alternative source of emergency funds. However, because of the need for the minimum guarantee, we make sure that you are in a position to pay off the personal loan.

Apply for a Loan over the Phone with Bad Credit

If you are an American citizen, or even a legal residence -aged 18 or more- get ready to give us the information about your employment and income and contact details when you call (or when we call after your online application). Yes, that is all we need to process your application for a payday loan with your phone number. Just accept the terms and conditions, and get your loan in your account within an hour. As we mentioned above, quick loans with a phone number can be applied for with a poor credit score. You can discuss the term, and plan your repayment during the call. If you want to pay the loan in installments, you can! This is the entire process of availing over the phone loans with bad credit! There are no hidden charges, neither any tele-tracking or paperwork. Apply for Payday loans by phone 24/7 with 12MonthsBadCreditLoans.