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Credit Check though is an un-negotiable part of getting a loan approval, but it slows down the approval procedure, making it an undesirable approach in times of emergency. So how do you go about it when you are in dire need of cash on the same day? You cannot surely afford time and effort approaching traditional lenders like credit unions and banks when you know that a bad credit score is something that they wouldn't consider, would you? In such terse situations, perhaps legitimate payday loans online with no credit check, with us at 12MonthsBadCreditLoans can be a feasible option left to satisfy your urgent money needs. However before you are done applying, make sure that the online payday loans are legitimate or not. You must know that not every state of USA considers payday loans as valid and even if they do, the payday loan companies must follow the state-wise norms of being genuine. There are further state regulations imposed on interest rates, charges and loan terms of legit payday loans. To know if your same day cash advance is a legitimate online loan or not, check the following specifications:-

  • $100 as minimum loan amount
  • The term must be between 7-30 days
  • If your legit bad credit loan lender is offering you an Extended Payment Plan (EPP), to roll over the loan with added interest.
  • Doesn't ask for security deposit
  • The legitimate cash loans lender is assuring confidentiality

Legit Online Loans for Bad Credit

Legitimate Payday Loans Online

Though bad credit is not a concern for most of the lenders, a reasonable judgment of the borrower's ability to repay must be made. If the payday loan company is legitimate like us, it must ask questions in order to evaluate the affordability. If your lender doesn't do so, they might not be legitimate. Now, how to check if a loan company is legitimate or not? Enquire if your loan provider has the following credentials or not:-

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Certification - Better Business Bureau is a tradition that recognizes the trustworthiness and authenticity of payday loan lenders. So dealing with a BBB accredited online legitimate lender, will give you that extra peace of mind.

Proper Contact Details - Your loan site must provide a valid email id and a contact number. Before availing a legitimate online payday loan, you must check how responsive these contact details are.

Only Upfront Charges - If your lender is legitimate, they must be upfront about their fees and charges apart from adhering to the state maximized limits. Your document must mention all the fees and charges clearly.

12MonthsBadCreditLoans as a Trusted Legitimate Online Loan Company

With all the required certification, we at 12MonthsBadCreditLoans present ourselves as a trusted legitimate online loan company, with whom you will have the benefits of all similar legit direct lenders for bad credit. The benefit that you can have with our payday loans are:

  • Legalized virtual payday loan is cheaper than overdraft fees of bounced checks
  • It is the better alternative to pay for fines and penalties for legal tickets and court costs
  • Paying utility bills with legit emergency loans is cheaper than re-establishing it.

So finally when it is a search for "legit loans with bad credit", it is advisable to compare the rates and facilities intently. However, at 12MonthsBadCreditLoans, we prefer offering you legit fast cash loans that abide by all the rules of acceptability, providing you maximum affordability.