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Whatever may be the problem do you think having cash now would solve it? Are you in need of a loan? 12MonthsBadCreditLoans provides the monetary solution you're looking for, by lending money fast when you require it with absolute smoothness and no hassle. Paying bills, fixing the broken truck or mending the roof- whatever the problem is, we don't have any issue. You are totally in control of the money we lend, so feel free to spend it in any way possible. Asking for some money from your friends and relatives can be avoided. Avail quick cash with low interest rates from us right when it is needed. If you need the loan today, we help you get it with a fast online application process.

I Need a Loan Now, but I Have Bad Credit

I Need a Loan Now

Unpredicted cash shortage at a time when your credit score is bad can be tricky with some money lenders, but not with us. 12MonthsBadCreditLoans understands the necessity of funds in lives of common people who have not been able to keep the credit scores good. Don't worry. We simply do not perform any credit check to approve the application when you need a loan now with bad credit. However, we make sure that the borrowers are financially stable to pay back the small loan. We give a lot of flexibility so that they do not feel any pressure while returning the principal with interest. If you become a regular customer of ours while borrowing money, we would give further benefits by lowering our rates.

What You Have to Do When You Need Money Fast

Whenever you need cash immediately, go straight to our application page. The application form asks for some basic details- income, contact, bank account details and age proof. It should not take more than a few minutes. Once the application is successfully submitted, we approve it for an instant loan. Just remember that you must be 18 or more, and a citizen or a legal resident of America to be eligible for a quick cash loan up to $1,000. Once your much needed bad credit loan is approved, we transfer it to your bank account. The entire process is completed online, so no need to worry about any paperwork or tele-tracking. Your details are also kept confidential. So, enjoy the privacy while availing a payday loan and address the cash crunch with ease.