Installment Loans

Installment Loans Direct Lenders

When direct lending is being talked of, a borrower in general gets the image of a “Bank”, the traditional lender. But with the financial crisis back in 2008, direct lending of installments loan with banks have become stringent and highly demanding with tougher funding requirements, with a long wait for easy approval installment loans for bad credit. In this light, third party brokers and payday loans emerged as a saviour, for desperate borrowers and owing to the high rates of interest easily get caught in loan sharking. But with us at 12MonthsBadCreditLoans as installment loans direct lenders, we work on giving relief to borrowers with our instant loan approval on easy loan terms.

No Credit Check Installment Loans

As per the data of the Federal Reserve, about 76 million people in USA are nearly half of them do not hold the necessary savings to counter any emergency that would take around $400. Have a look at the stats of US citizens struggling financially:

  • Approx. 46% of employers are considered underemployed
  • The poverty line has 14.5% people living underneath
  • Life of 35% of US citizens move from one salary to the next
  • 30 % people are suffering from bad credit score.

So with this, financial situation, where can a person go, when he is terribly in need of fast money. As obvious option people will turn up to credit cards or credit unions. But what will be the way out, of you have an imperfect credit score and you have maxed out the credit card limit as well. A real problem faced by the people of America today. Consumers are looking for better access to credit requirement with online installment loans no credit check.
We understand this present American situation hence at 12MonthsBadCreditLoan, we prefer to give no credit check installment loans to our borrowers. For us it is your credit score is never a concern, you repayment is. Moreover procedures like credit checking, teletracking and faxing unnecessarily take a lot of time. Though in case of high risk borrowers, we do sometimes run out a soft credit check. But our guaranteed installment loans for bad credit with instant approval is free of any kind red tapes that would delay a customer.

Installment Loans for Bad Credit

To define what installment loans are, they are actually instant money arrangement that which has to be paid in small regular portions till the whole amount is paid off. For the repayment you will have to make bi-weekly payment within 6 months. Quite useful for having instant cash while suffering from bad credit, these installment loans for poor credit are very useful for solving personal money need like travelling, buying necessary appliance, accidental repair, home improvements and all. Typically with something around $1000, these installment loans for bad credit from us at 12MonthsBadCreditLoan have the following advantages:-

Flexible multipurpose usage – These instant online loan are very flexible to use almost for every reason. It can be used for paying home rents, or consolidating debts or paying off unpaid utility bills.

Easy repayments terms – Installment loans for bad credit are not payday loans, you need not pay the loan within a month. So you won’t have financial dents.

Allows Manageable Payments – The payments can be spread out in a manageable and affordable manner, under your full control.

Online Installment Loans with Instant Approval

Imagine you have a pressing utility bill to pay, or immediately get a car repair, or pay for a doctor visit, won’t you wish to have your funds as fast as possible? Who these days have time to find storefront lenders, and verifying their hours, driving up to their locations and applying in person. So we as direct lenders at 12MonthsBadCreditLoan present you online installment loans with instant approval; which you can access very conveniently just with few clicks on your keyboard. So, have a look at the USPs of our online loans with monthly payments:-

  • Convenient and Transparent
  • Speedy Approval
  • Flexible, Paperless and No Credit Check
  • Inexpensive, Legitimate and Secure
Requirements for Monthly Installment Loans with No Credit Check from Direct Lenders

So, at 12MonthsBadCreditLoan we can perform as your financial support system, approving your monthly installment loans with no credit check as direct lenders which you can repay in easy break-ups. Once you qualify our requirements listed below, we would credit the required money as fast as possible, ready to be used by the next day. So our requirements are:-

  • A citizenship of US with being 18 years or above
  • An active bank account is mandatory
  • Regular employment or source of income
  • Should have a proof of income
  • A valid photo id proof
  • An email id and phone number for contact

So, are you still waiting for something? So, whenever you would need access to small installment loans with no credit check, for paying of some essential debts, you would no longer need to put on the shoes and jump in car. You need to simply grab your laptop, quickly fill in up the application form and nothing more. If all goes well, you will be off your bills by the end of next day.